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If you’re new to impact investment, this space is designed to give you a complete tutorial that will help you make your next move whether you are a potential investor seeking a range of financial returns; or a social enterprise owner seeking investment

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[A more in-depth analysis of impact investment](/resource/toolkits/measuring-the-impact-in-impact-investing) Developed as part of an independent project through the Harvard Business School Social Enterprise Initiative, this report provides an in-depth look at the specific practices and methodologies that established impact investors are using to measure the social impact generated by their investments
Learn about [a framework designed to measure Social Return on Investment](/resource/toolkits/a-guide-to-social-return-on-investment-2015)
[A step by step guide to setting up and operating a social enterprise](/resource/toolkits/social-enterprise-101)

3 core principles of impact investing

Impact investment ensures that any potential social implications are factored in at the onset, and that there are fair and equitable practices that allow people to live sustainable and healthy lives
Otherwise known as natural capital, impact investment only invests in businesses that have sound environmental principles which contribute to ecological sustainability
Profit is defined as the shared value created after the costs of all inputs are deducted. This includes any social or environmental costs which are direct to the company, or indirect to stakeholders, communities and society.