Project STARs ultimate outcome is that as one people, we are working together to transform ourselves and our communities; creating a Jamaica where all are valued and all can thrive.

Project STAR is a social and economic transformation initiative aimed at facilitating a whole of society, collaborative, evidence-based approach to sustained violence prevention for communities across Jamaica. It is focused at the community level, through a community led, community owned method of identifying responsive strategies and solutions.

Project STAR is a partnership of the PSOJ and the JCF, and will target 10 – 20 of the most under-resourced communities in Jamaica over a five-year period.

By aligning data-driven strategies with the heart work of oneness and mindset change, STAR will collaborate with community members, providing support so residents can chart their own paths to success.

We Are One Community
Everyone is Valued and what we each do matters
Together We Thrive
We Are One Love Jamaica