Now that our dream has become reality, we hope to see this ecosystem become even greater due to these 5 exciting trends…

1- Changing consumer demands

As Gen Zers become more powerful consumers, an increased demand for #sustainable, ethically sourced products will either cause businesses to meet this new standard now, or lose out later.

2- Impact measurement

By investing more time, energy and resources in monitoring their #impact, companies will become more attractive to investors and consumers.

3- Coupling diversity w/ equity

Not only will a continued push be made towards greater inclusion and #diversity, but once this is achieved, businesses must then treat everyone with equity.

4- Government partnerships

The public sector is becoming more involved with social enterprises via the procurement of services, adoption of methodologies and by seeking advice re: policy decisions.

5- Empowering others to help themselves

By training & hiring members of the very groups they aim to help, social enterprises can use such persons' intimate knowledge of the issues at hand to achieve the organisation’s overall mission.

What trends are you excited to see in 2020?