The Leap Company Limited, incorporated in Kingston in February this year with business specialists Saffrey Brown and Wayne Beecher, and economist Dr Suzanne Shaw as shareholders, has launched its first fund with a target to raise US$30 million.

Co-chief executive officers Shaw and Brown are targeting for investment purposes impact businesses in the energy, agriculture and the circular economy sectors. The circular economy essentially involves recycling waste for useful purposes.

The Leap Company is a profit-driven social enterprise which invests in ventures through the Leap Impact Investment Fund, as the first fund is called. The fund is managed by JN Fund Managers.

Leap holds an investment arm which aims to profit from investments and consultancy work, and also has a subsidiary, the Leap Forward, which is a not-for-profit entity created for the development of ventures which have positive environmental and social impact. Dr Shaw is CEO of The Leap Company, while Brown is CEO of Leap Forward.

The company expects to generate income for financing and capitalisation and to support the seeding and development of socially and environmentally friendly projects.

The Leap Fund, for which the principals have planned a 12-month roadshow, both locally and internationally, and for which an anchor investor has already expressed interest, is aimed at ventures which promise to deliver a triple bottom line, an accounting framework that incorporates three dimensions: social, environmental and financial. The dimensions are commonly called the three Ps: people, planet and profits.

Brown, who departed as head of the Jamaica National Building Society Foundation earlier this year and is well known for her work in social enterprise, says the company is targeting for financing, projects which are set up to provide some kind of solution to a national or global challenge or impact ventures. 

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