Working with communities, changemakers and civil society, we inspire and catalyze the next generation of innovators providing sustainable solutions to real world challenges.

A Leap Forward is a non-profit founded out of a desire to ensure that the needs of society and the environment are firmly integrated within innovation, business and community to provide solutions to local, regional and global challenges.

As we work towards strengthening the social economy, A Leap Forward provides mentorship to innovative and impactful social enterprises and entrepreneurs who are focused on changing our world for the better. Here are a couple of the innovative and purpose-driven enterprises we are currently working with.


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FILMCO is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable ecosystem for locally produced content in Trinidad and Tobago. Although this remains the primary function of FILMCO, its founders realised that capacity development of stakeholders within the sector was an urgent need and soon expanded its core role to include the fine-tuning of skillsets required by local filmmakers and television producers to enable them to better navigate the broader markets within and outside of the Caribbean region.



The goal of Educatours is to integrate technology towards creating and providing fun-filled tours that Empower, Inspire and Educate Students and Communities about Jamaica’s rich and varied history.

The changemakers behind this innovative idea are Kadeem and Simier, who have been friends since their days at Jamaica College.

Kadeem’s vision for EDUCATOURS is to see the company revolutionise education and tourism worldwide. By providing jobs for thousands, creating value for millions of people and demonstrating that doing good and being innovative (simultaneously), means big bucks.

Simier hopes that Educators will be the hub that mirrors the region's interpretation of exploration, tech and impact.


At A Leap Forward, we collaborate with CSO’s, non-profits and purpose driven businesses who are committed to creating measurable change through sustainable business models.  

Violence Prevention Alliance

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The VPA is a civil society organisation and member of the network of World Health Organisation (WHO) member states, international agencies and civil society organisations working to prevent violence. VPA participants share an evidence-based public health approach that targets the risk factors leading to violence and promotes multi-sectoral cooperation.

A Leap Forward is guiding the VPA through its period of transition as it moves towards a sustainable, revenue based model; one which will be able to broker ideas, stimulate debate, and offer innovative and practical solutions, in a sustainable way, to tackle some of our region’s most pressing problems such as crime and violence.

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